Off and Running with First Day of Pre-Filed Bills in Austin

We are off and running with the first day of legislative pre-filings down in Austin.  So far health care appears to be under the radar other than a bill to track how long med students doing their residency in Texas stay in the state after they finish.  A few old favorites are back like bills prohibiting texting while driving and doing away with the franchise tax.  There are a few bills to treat vapor cigarettes like the old-fashion light-up kind when it comes to advertising and use in public locations.  Another bill creates immunity for frat boys who themselves haze, but then rat out their brothers to college administration.  Based on the first day filings, it is clearly time for Texans to take matters into our own hands in the nation’s capital.  Specifically, bills were filed to create an offense if Washington tries to move prisoners here from Cuba; encouraging Washington to repeal Dodd-Frank; authorizing the comptroller to withhold moneys the state owes to the federal government until we get back every last cent we have spent to secure the boarder; and requiring all graduates of public school to have a course on the US Constitution.  The largest area of concern for first day legislations was weapons.  To quickly summarize: creating a pre-hunting season tax holiday for guns and hunting supplies similar to back to school tax-free weekend; allowing school board members and principals to carry  guns on campus; removing Bowie knifes from the list of knifes illegal to carry (a quick shout out to Remember the Alamo);  outlawing all federal limitations on what guns we good Texans can own (unrelated and oddly placed, if anyone has a M1 tank they are looking to sell please call me); and perhaps most importantly, a bill that prevents a school district from punishing a “student in kindergarten through grade 5 for brandishing a partially consumed pastry or other food item to simulate a firearm or weapon” (and yes that is a direct quote).  One last note, there is a proposed House Resolution Commemorating Christmas.  I won’t post every day, but I thought the first day deserved some attention.  If you would like follow my updates be sure to follow the Criss & Kraft blog  or my new twitter @jdcriss.

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